Getting out and about in Sydney

Curra MoorThe Hubby and I are making a concerted effort to change our lifestyle. He’d like to be lose a few kilos while I just like the idea of being healthier. We kicked it off in February after a couple of gluttony, with an aim to minimise processed food, carbs and no alcohol (for me anyway). We also started walking at night 2-3 times after dinner just around the neighbourhood. Six weeks later and we plan to continue this new lifestyle. We’ve both gained fitness and lost some weight, although we’ve picked the alcohol back up and relaxed some of the rule a little.Walking has been great for us- we get more time to actually talk to each other rather than just cohabitating the same space. If the hubby happens to have a weekend day off (which is unfortunately rare) we try and get out bushwalking. This Saturday Hubby found a great loop walk at Curra Moor in the Royal National Park. The walk starts off in a coastal bush type environment, decorated with some beautiful angophoras, colourful wild flowers and grass trees. The path then heads to the coast, where you walk cliff side and see some stunning views looking across the Pacific Ocean. The highlight of the walk is definitely the waterfall.

View across the waterfall to the Pacific Ocean

Being at the top means you miss the spectacular drop into the ocean, however the sandstone plateau that preceeds the fall are gorgeous.

These rock pools are so typically AustralianThe walk continues along the coast then loops back in to the car park. All up the ten(nish) km walk took us 2 hours.

After the walk we headed down to beautiful little Bundeena, where we grabbed a sandwich and ate it by the beach. A perfect finish for our little outing.

Sydney has so many beautiful places worth exploring. Time together with the hubby and the calorie burning can become just incidental benefits.

If anyone out there has any good walks I should consider, then do let me know!

One thought on “Getting out and about in Sydney

  1. Even after many previous visits to Sydney over the last six years, I had never done the Bondi-to-Bronte walk until last October (2012). It was about damn time – it was a beautiful sunny day for a relaxed scenic walk. I’ve always loved the open water; so, I’ve got to do that again some time …

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