Drawing the Line on Government Intervention

I was just browsing through Freshly Pressed in WordPress and came across this blog post on History and Wine – Drawing the Line on Government Intervention. The post is written around Mayor Bloomberg‘s recent attempt to ban large soft drinks in New York and whether that’s taking government intervention too far.

This topic resonates with me as I fear Australia is descending in the same direction. This great country is being increasingly bound by the kinds of rules and regulations that make you wonder whether the price of safety is freedom. From cartwheels in the school playground, to smoking in public; from chucking a few bucks into the pokies to eating peanut butter sandwiches in school – all of these activities are now restricted.

We’re not just cottonwooling kids anymore. Adults need not take reponsibility for themselves either.

Is Australia becoming a nanny state?

One thought on “Drawing the Line on Government Intervention

  1. Nah, not peanut butter sangers? NO! The bastards have gone too far this time!

    It’s okay, I’ve just popped a happy pill and I’m calming down nicely. But, geez, bloody politicians really do think they can take liberties with us, eh? The nanny state, I suspect, is a far greater threat than we survived during the era of Mutually Assured Destruction (Don’t worry, Cat, you were too young then. Well, in fact, probably not even alive. Aaaagh I hate old age!). But your point is very valid and we need constant vigilance to protect our (last remaining) freedoms. You have a ripper day, mate! D.

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