Magnolias in bloom

One of my favourite things about our current home is a beautiful magnolia tree out the front. In winter our front yard is filled with pink blooms – something that really brightens up my day. It’s so striking, even from the road, that the other day I had a stranger pull over and ask me whether he could take some photos of the blooms. He was an artist just driving past, all the way from Taree on a daddy-daughter day.

What a great subject for me to test out my new 50mm lens.


MG_2125_sml MG_2127_sml MG_2128_Sml MG_2130_sml  MG_2149_sml


My husband is a hunter – Part 2

A few months ago I wrote a post admitting that my husband was a hunter, and my take on it as a non-hunter. Below is a link to my husband’s post on his Gourmet Hunters site, a post that was prompted by a backlash from a Facebook acquaintance. I found it interesting that this lady (a self-confessed omnivore) thought it was ok to publicly abuse my husband, his friends and even his father with some apalling language. I was left unsure of whether she was a hypocrite or just plain ignorant. Most likely she was both.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s a glimpse into his side of the story – Why do we hunt?