Hello, I’m back


I haven’t written anything in a while. I was working on something, however the topic became painfully insignificant the moment I found out about a good friend’s passing. How ironic that my last post before that sad day had been about grief… I guess I jinxed myself.

My musings on everyday life just seemed so trivial, so inconsequential, even frivolous in comparison to big ticket items like Syria, like the bushfires, and my friend’s passing. How could I go on commenting on such stupid things when there were such big things going on in the world? When little girls are losing their mother, and good good men are losing the love of their lives?

I was a bit shy after that. I guess I just needed some time to work through the loss, and to realise that my little things are important after all. My little observations are the way I process the world, and by and large, are what I use to stay smiling. I am not the first person to lose a friend, and this will not be the last time it happens. Life goes on.

So after a break of a few months I think I’m ready to get back into it. I might even be able to write about the grief soon. Not today, but soon. Watch this space.


Drawing the Line on Government Intervention

I was just browsing through Freshly Pressed in WordPress and came across this blog post on History and Wine – Drawing the Line on Government Intervention. The post is written around Mayor Bloomberg‘s recent attempt to ban large soft drinks in New York and whether that’s taking government intervention too far.

This topic resonates with me as I fear Australia is descending in the same direction. This great country is being increasingly bound by the kinds of rules and regulations that make you wonder whether the price of safety is freedom. From cartwheels in the school playground, to smoking in public; from chucking a few bucks into the pokies to eating peanut butter sandwiches in school – all of these activities are now restricted.

We’re not just cottonwooling kids anymore. Adults need not take reponsibility for themselves either.

Is Australia becoming a nanny state?

catcat intro

Oohhh – my first ever post! I’m really not sure how this is all going to work out, but I’ve always had random observations, opinions and alternative views that I enjoy sharing, so this is as good a soapbox as any!

Let me introduce myself… I’m CatCat. I’m a thirty-something professional marketeer in Sydney. I’m married to my highschool sweetheart, and despite immense family pressure there are no little kidlets yet. I’m a second generation Aussie. My parents are both Thai and have been in and restaurants forever. Being Sydney born and bred, I love the lifestyle that this beautiful city offers – beaches, cafes, restaurants and a good proximity to a variety of outdoor fun. I lean to the right, however I have this (sometimes annoying, and sometimes useful) ability to understand pretty much all points of view, so I end up sitting on the fence somewhat. I try to stay up to date with current affairs, with a particular interest in social media.

I think that’s it from me tonight. I’ll find something interesting to write about tomorrow.

CatCat 🙂